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I wonder if she was referring to the price checking at the department store. Those were described as taking around two to three hours. I just don't remember the pay rate.

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I did a shop for MF where the questions almost looked like an audit of some sort, but considering the price I knew they couldn't possibly be looking for an exact audit - just an overall impression.
Oh, yes, probably. I've not seen them for $10 here, though they may be in other areas. I was surprised that store was still in operation. I've done them and I have to lead the event so it takes around 20 minutes. It took 6 minutes for them to understand I wasn't there to play!
@spicy1 wrote:

There are no 2 hr audits
They do have 2 hour audits that takes at least 20 minutes to do, unless there are customers in the store. smiling smiley
I used to shop both Shop-N-Check and Market Force about 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, Shop N Check morphed into Service Metrics as part of the Market Force family. They gave me the same shopper number for both Service Metrics & MF. I just wish that they had more shops in Canada as the pickings are slim.

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I think it's key to not do too many shops for them each month. I think I remember people who got deactivated were doing a ton of shops for them each month and then got the axe.

Why do you think that would trigger deactivation?
I like, not love, Market Force. Despite telling them that I do one burger shop per month at a bonus, they call me multiple times per month.

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