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When Market Force asks if you want them to self-assign you to future shops, does that mean that they automatically sign you up without asking? If they do, do they give you a decent amount of time to complete the shop? I wouldn't mind being automatically assigned to shops as long as I don't have to complete it the same day. I couldn't seem to find any information in the help section about their self-assign policy. Thanks!

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I don't know all the logistics. Remember this, even if you previously negotiated a higher fee for the shops, you will be auto-assigned at the base rate.

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As soon as the assignment hits the board it will be assigned to you, give rotation requirements. However, all location they want to assign to you, per client, they will, not just the one you checked yes on.
They will give you the shop at base rate only. If you want incentives wait till the list make offer on board or until they call. Stand fast on your price for I have had them come back everyday to get a Dining shop done. After 10 days I got my price. I did try to go down down $ 3 on the price just to have the shop but they did not give it to me. I did get my $ 75 for the shop for it was 175 miles round trip.
I have not been comfortable with setting shops up, to automatically be assigned to me. It assigns them at the base rate, even if they lower the rate and it can sometimes be inconvenient (timing wise). Personally, I would not recommend it, but try to check their job board on a regular basis, daily, if not more often.
Their job board lists very low prices. It is only worth checking to know what is available. Signing up on the job board means doing shops for much less than they are worth except the small percentage with the 'make an offer' option. Work with a scheduler, instead, to get reasonable fees.
I've done a million shops for them and NEVER allow Self-Assign. I know doing that means I will get the visits that are "Super Easy" yet take 2+ hours and pay $10. NO THANKS! I want to be the one in control - not them. Anyone who allows Self-Assign can't complain when you get a crappy visit that pays the same
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