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Hi everyone. Last night I submitted my first shop for Data Quest and it already shows that it's in received status - phew! Great! I'm just wondering - I see no score or comments regarding my shop. Is this typical with Data Quest? If they are pleased with your shop it just goes to received status with no grading and no score? Just curious so I know going forward. Was a nice shop btw - $25 plus a reimbursed meal at a local hotel's breakfast buffet. Not bad at all! I was a little apprehensive about the report as you need to refer to yourself in the third person as "the Inspector" but the report was actually much easier to write out for the narrative portion than I expected. Hope to do more business with this MSC going forward......

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They are great to work with! I really do not recall just how their post-report process goes, just that it has always gone smoothly. (The ones that do not go smoothly I remember!)

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I used to get comments. My first comment was something like "GREAT JOB!! 10/10"
The next was "Good job! 10/10"
The next was something like "Good details 10/10"
The next was "10/10."
Now I get nothing... I think they just realize over time that I don't really need to positive reinforcement.
They are really good to work for though.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Warning: This User Has Been Banned or Is No Longer Active
Thanks for the replies. I have an answer to my question. I just logged onto the Data Quest site and checked my received shop again and at the bottom there is now a score that was not there yesterday - 10/10. Cool! I have to say I'm liking this MSC so far.
They’re very good and reasonable people. I wish they had more hotels. I sometimes take some of their crappy jobs just to show a little appreciation for the good ones.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I will definitely take the next one...keeping my eyes open, thanks for the good advice.

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