BMA Mystery Shopping and Business Education Services

I have a couple of questions regarding these MSCs... The front page of both websites seem to be the same and they list the same companies as names of some of their clients. Does anyone know if they are both legitimate companies or if it's possible one of them copied the other one's website? I thought I new what to look for to avoid scams but it seems odd they have so much of the same information on their websites.

Next, regarding BMA is is an MSC or is it a platform like Sassie? I registered with them but on their job board it lists several jobs in which I would need to sign an ICA with a different MSC.

Thanks for any clarification!

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This is a company (BMA) that also uses ISS scheduling. Remember before doing jobs for them, they won't pay unless they have your W9 form.

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I think Business Evaluation Services is technically the parent company which includes BMA and Mystery Shopper Services.

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Mystery Shopper Services {aka Business Evaluation Services} acquired BMA and Customer 1st back in 2014. Their main/official site is and they post all of their shops on the iSecretShop platform.
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