Canadian Mystery Shop Boards (Toronto/SW Ontario)

I have been working with a few mystery shop sites such as iSecretShop, MSC, Coyle and a few small ones... but it seems that all of them have very limited Canadian (Ontario) shops.

Any other Canadians on here? I would love some suggestions smiling smiley I am an occasional shopper, so I mainly go for restaurants/hotels and wineries.

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Many mystery shopping companies only have a few clients, so the more companies you sign up with, the more options you will find in your area.

Marketforce, Consumer Connection, Premier Service, Service Evaluations Inc., Performalogics, Bare International, Consumer Confidential, Service Metrics, Mystery Shopping Canada, A Closer Look, Intellishop, Sutter Marketing, BestMark, Frontline Focus, Alta 360, InTouch, SQM, are the ones I seem to usually work with around here. (Alberta)

But last year's list might look a little different as clients change mystery shopping companies.

I went through the list at the bottom and signed up with every single company that accepted Canadians.
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