IPSOS Site Messed Up 9/12?

Anyone else having problems with the Ipsos site this morning?

Email for open shops...go to the site and nothing is there. I figured they were assigned. Another email with additional shops. Still nothing showing on the site. Searched for all available shops....nothing. Search again, and shows 4,000 shops. Saw some in my area. Another search for my area....nothing. Wait, what's this? I am suddenly assigned a shop halfway across the country?! Click to profile to check zip is correct. Now assigned shop is gone. What The HECK?! Seems to be working okay, then flips out. Emailed Ipsos, but no answer yet; I'm choosing to believe they're working on the issue before emailing back.

Is it just me again? Am I special again today?

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This happens frequently with their website. After you hit the open opportunities link on the left, you then have to select the "opportunities" tab to actually view the open assignments.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Yeah, I tried that. This is different. Just one glitch after another this morning there. Never had the extent of this problem before.
You tried the opportunities tab at the TOP of the page too? I know that sometimes I click on the one in the left menu and it doesn't work, so then I use the other one and it works. This happens periodically with their site.
Yesterday I was trying to make a route of a shop they have where i live. Every time I applied for an additional location the previous application would be deleted. I applied for 5 and there was only one showing in my applications. In frustration I applied for a 6th location and still had only one application in. Then I emailed the scheduler, went off the site and when I returned to the site I had been accepted for all 6 locations! It worked out for me but I was concerned for a bit that I could not apply. Strange. Today seems okay so far.
Thanks for validating, Sandyf. Yeah, it was really messed up earlier today. Seems to be fine now, though, like you said. I am now able to apply and be assigned shops. This kind of thing makes me anxious. There's usually something I would really like, and for once the timing is so good that I have a chance at actually getting it, on these days.
LGRM, I usually send an email to the scheduler shortly before or after I apply for shops and I always get the ones that I want.
I don't know what I did. I was able to see 53 pages of jobs. I still didn't see the ones in the latest e-mail I received from them though.
Yes, that happened to me today also. I was so excited to see some shops, and a little freaked out because they had bonus' on them already though I hadn't seen them listed so was wondering how they could have bonus'. Anyway, I go to the site and, just like you said, the shops are not showing. I thought they found out how long I was at the store talking with (flirting) the Associate and had dropped me..jk. All day it has been like this. About 4 hours ago I received an email for some shops and went to the site and they.....were.....there. I applied for them and they're still in the applied status.
On my pages there are generally several pages of shops..not 53 pages thankfully. I do not see all the open shops at the top of the first page. They are scattered thru the 3 or 4 pages of shops. So I need to open each page and look at the top shops of each page of shops to see them all. I am wondering if everyone sees the shops like that or if I have some setting wrong. It would be nice to have all the open shops in the beginning of all the shops I can see on page one. I also never see any bonuses except in already taken shops so in a crowded market like Los Angeles where most shops get taken early how does one find the bonuses I see listed in the already taken shops looking for backups. Do shoppers ask for the bonuses? .
I have only been able to assign one at a time I'm a new shopper for them, may have something to do with it.
There are also certification tests to take.

Live consciously....

LGRM, I usually send an email to the scheduler shortly before or after I apply for shops and I always get the ones that I want.

I just wanted to see the shops and details/requirements. All the shops aren't in the emails I get. I also wanted to expand my search area a bit. But, it straightened itself out, I guess. Selecting the tab did not fix this round of Glitch-O-Rama.

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