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Has anyone received a payments in the new system of viewpost from dataquest? I got signed up several weeks ago and I'm waiting several large job checks. Does anyone know if the checks are coming by mail this month and starting on View Post next month?

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What is View Post?

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This is Amanda Reynolds from Data Quest. I manage our Survey Services Division and am touching base regarding your question about the new payment system we're using. We just started inviting our auditors to create Viewpost accounts last week. Our payment terms are still 45 days from the date of your audit. Since August auditors will be the first to be paid via Viewpost, the first August payments just started going out via Viewpost in the last couple of days. If you'd like to contact me directly for an update on your payment, please do so by emailing me at I'll be happy to get an update for you from our accounting team.

For others following this thread, Viewpost is a relatively new electronic payment system. It's similar to PayPal without the fees associated with PayPayl business accounts. For more information you can check out their website []. So far we've received positive feedback from those paid via Viewpost, and we're doing our best to make sure this is a smooth transition for our auditors!

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My payment through Viewpost arrived in my bank account 2 days after being notified of the payment being scheduled. Works for me!
That's great! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the new payment system we're using.
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