Market Force question

Does Market Force only have theater shops? I used to do work for them that involved grocery shops and other merchandising shops, under the company name Certified Field Associates. Do they offer any other types of shops besides theater? Thanks

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They have two sections Certified Field Associates is mostly theaters, the other I think they just call their Mystery shoppers portal.
What barbage said. You are probably logging into the portal for the movie shops, the other portal, has a lot more variety of mystery shops. They used to be called the purple portal and the blue portal, not sure if they still are. Try to log into the other one.
The gas station audit guidelines' author still says Shop 'n Chek.

We were trying to brainstorm a name for a mystery shopping company, I'll make a new thread about that!
That's so odd. I initially started up with them under the Shop 'n Chek name. That was about 15 years ago...
They also offer two types of audits; I've done a few audits. These were compliance audits. The other is a price audit; I've done three of those. Both pay well, but I prefer compliance audits.

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Mdoc, we aren't allowed to name clients if the MSC has.been named. Its a breach of your ICA and against forum rules.
How do the announced audits work? There seems to be a ton in my area, but I'm hesitant, since I'm not sure how it works.
Yes they do and have an app much easier to get into the mystery shopping. Do a search on Google for Market Force mystery shopping it will show you both. They have alot of jobs in my city.
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