Jacyn/Customer Perspectives merged

I see Jacyn and Customer Perspectives either merged or Jacyn bought them out. I work for Jacyn, but CP never have jobs in my area. How does this (if at all) effect everyone?

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Well, that explains why I couldn't open the Customer Perspectives site! Yes, I just read on the Jancyn site about their acquisition of CP. I've never shopped for Jancyn, and have only done a few for CP....years apart.
Guysmom, I also was not able to log on to Customer Perspectives and I had a report to enter. I called and found an extension for technical support and she could get to the site. I tried again and I was in.
BTW, Customer Perspectives is doing maintenance starting at 9 pm Eastern time tonight. They will be down for about 9 hours.
Oh. Well, thanks for that info, eclark3. Sounds like the inability to get into the CP site is due to something totally unrelated to the Jancyn acquisition. Hope it gets fixed!
All Prophet servers went down at 9pm Eastern time for maintenance. Nothing broke, just routine upgrades.

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