Market Force, why you tease me? MC so sad.

Dang it. I can see the shops, open them, pick my date, and accept... But then they are no longer available to me. Cool, but they are still there in the list instead of disappearing. Ah MF I want to work for you. Woooo


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I just had that happen to me for the first time. What's that all about?! I was thinking it's because I refuse to do their $6.75 hardware store even when they add a $2.00 bonus - I can only purchase so many $5.00 non-returnable widgets.
I have experienced this when a pending bonus offer is waiting for me on any other shop to accept it. They also may be calling shoppers for the specific shop so froze it.

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I picked up a couple and figured I was at my max for this particular place, but they were still showing up. Got me all hopeful. Maybe once I do my pending ones in a couple days, I can add more. Sure hope that's what happens! I'm all about bringing home free stuff-- even if I just put it up for sale on eBay.

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