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Hi, I have read the previous posts on Albatross and I am still not finding the answer. I finished the Albatross test, I am located in the US. I get e-mails referencing jobs that are close to me but once I go to the portal they are not listed. I gather that I am being disqualified for some reason but I do not I do not know why. I have tried to reach back to the company and they say the jobs are being snatched up very fast. Anyone going through the same experience?

I am in a booming part of the state and I do see offers via e-mail but they are not traceable online.

** Update 10/04: ** JASFLALMT, Irene_L.A. and Rousseau thanks for your suggestions. I have started to immediately answer any of the e-mails sent by Albatross advertising openings, confirming my availability with a short synopsis on why I can help (similar to what we do online). Separately, I also try to log in online and see if I can locate the job and post for it (I agree that the information does not appear to be sync).

Last Friday I got my first call from an Albatross employee asking me when I could do a shopping session. I bring this up, as I normally do not answer calls from restricted numbers or unknown numbers and now I realized that I may have missed some jobs earlier these past weeks - lesson learnt is if I want to be a MS I am going to have to start answering calls with private/restricted or unknown numbers. The two callers prior to the third called answered (which I did answer) left no instructions or did not follow-up with e-mails.

After the call ended the agent sent me an e-mail with the details of the job and a way to reach back to him. At the same time the job appeared under my Albatross login as assigned (my assurance that the call was legit).

On the same token I am not replying to the e-mail if I cannot do the job. Although it is not clear, I am figuring it is a mass e-mail and that the sender does not need 300 people telling them they are not available for a job. I mention this as I am hoping I am not coming across as unprofessional or disinterested. Any thoughts on this last process?

From a process it takes a bit of getting accustom as you have to put some faith that you are working with a legit caller. As a safe step I would divulge little on the call until you cannot see the job assignment under Albatross.

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I live in a small city of about 250,000 people and I only do maybe one shop a year for them. I have gotten emails from them letting me know that there are jobs near me but then when I go to the website the jobs are NOT near me. They are not in the US, maybe looking at a map a job in Indiana looks close to Ohio, I dunno.
I'd answer the email stating the job and say you are able to do it (mentioning name of job and city). This has worked for me. When going onto their site, press the lock on the upper right hand side, which will bring you to
USA login.

Live consciously....
Not all their shops are listed on their boards. If you get an e-mail for a shop you wish and it is not listed on the board then e-mail the scheduler back stating that you wish to be assigned.
I always forget to check but when they have a job within my radius they always email me...just received Paypal for a job done awhile ago.....I like them.

Live consciously....
Thanks Irene_L.A. -- I completed my first assignment today and I am hoping that my review will be accepted. I will post separate questions on procedures as I did have some observations that created some doubts, but in general my first experience has been good.

Quick question: I could not find the lock you make reference - can you step me through it. Is this an image you see?

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