When do companies post jobs?

Hi all, I'm a newbie (one week of experience). I'm sure all companies are different in this regard, but in general, do many post more jobs at the beginning of a month versus new jobs showing up daily/weekly? It seems like there were a lot more jobs available last week than there have been this week. So far I've shopped for BestMark, Market Force, IntelliShop, Ipsos, and TrendSource. Thanks!

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Hi kerria! Welcome!

It depends on the MSC. Some send emails multiple times a day, some never send emails. Then you also have everything in between.

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This week I didn't see many new jobs posted and then today I saw a bunch, all about the same time.
Just because an e-mail is not sent doesn't mean a shop hasn't been posted. In addition to reading e-mails, one must be proactive in researching open shops in order to be successful in this industry.

Some MSCs post new shops several times per month. Others post on the first of the month. Others post towards the end of the month for the coming month. Some make shops available several months in advance. And of course, just because a MSC typically posts all its shops at once each month, that doesn't mean that they won't also be sporadically posting additional shops too. Sometimes an MSC will get a new client or a new shop order from an existing client in the middle of the month. Sometimes a previously scheduled shop needs to be rescheduled. Sometimes a shop which has been completed needs to be re-done by a different shopper. Bottom line, there is no single rule on when shops become available.

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Thank you! I check each site frequently. I'm sure I'll see patterns after I've done this longer. But it's good to know that some post jobs at a given time each month (except for cancellations, etc.). I'm hoping this will be a regular source of income.
This week was the last business week of both the month and the calendar quarter. That means that scheulers and project managers were facing deadlines that could influence their compensation if not met. So, the sudden upsurge may well have been shops that were flaked or where the shopper failed to follow the guidelines, all at nearly the last minute. Nothing about the last few days of a month or a quarter is likely to be a good indicator of when jobs get initially released. However, these ARE great times to pounce on bonuses for shops that absolutely, positively have to be done by the end of the month/quarter.

Also, regardless of when an MSC usually releases or wants to release jobs, their clients may well get requests to them later than they are supposed to or may develop a need to do a special request type of shop that they had not anticipated previously.

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