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Hello, this s my first post here but have been MSing for a few years already. I've done shops for at least 38 companies and signed up for many more. My only 2 non-payment/lost payments happened this year. The first was with National Shopping Service (NSS) and I've been reading that their president passed away so they are in limbo. However, the second one is with Ardent Services.

The story is that I noticed in mid-September, I was missing a payment from Ardent Services for a shop done in July. I contacted Bryant to see what was going on. Bryant said that the payment went through and was not returned. He asked me to check on my account again. I double checked and did not have any transactions by any company during or near the time that he said the transaction went through. So Bryan said that we could see if the account number he has on file for me is correct. I called him several times and left messages on the number he gives as his signature. I was unable to get a hold of him so I emailed him to give me a time so I could call him or he could call me. He gave me a day that he would call and never did so I've been trying to get a hold of him for a few weeks now and I'm not sure if he's ignoring me or just really busy.

So, here are my questions for you: Does anyone else have problems getting to Bryant from Ardent Services? Is there someone else I can contact that does the accounting at Ardent Services? Have you had any problems with payment with this or other companies that have a lost payment? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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I have been shopping with Ardent monthly since January. I've never had an issue. Are you sure Bryan still works there? They had a major setback last month. Maybe you can contact your scheduler? My scheduler was awesome.

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Yes - I'd be surprised if you ever see the money from NSS. You can read a lot more about that on another thread.

I can't imagine an unresolved problem with Ardent - they are great. I had one payment issue early on when I started shopping for them - I was paid the fee for doing a burger shop but not the reimbursement . I emailed Bryant and Michelle, my scheduler, and I was paid within the day.

Questions: How many shops have you done for Ardent? Was the shop you did in July the only one you have done for Ardent or have you done other shops and gotten paid correctly for all of them except this one? If this is the only shop you did, I'm betting it was sent to the wrong bank account.

Honny is right. Ardent lost a major client and several of their staff are no longer working with Ardent. Bryant may be one of them. Either contact your scheduler, or contact Michelle Montpetite,, or Corey Estes,, Both Michelle and Corey are wonderful and I am betting will get back to you ASAP and that this will be worked out quickly.

Be sure to let us know what happens.
Thank you for the comments HonnyBrown and roflwofl. Yes, that was the first shop that I did for them. After the NSS non-payment, I make sure that I only do one shop and make sure I get paid before doing another shop if it's for a new company. I will try contacting my scheduler and if not, I will try Michelle and Corey. Bryant's last name is also Estes so I'm thinking that he is possibly related to Corey and they may be the owners or they may be totally unrelated. I believe the shop (American-Mexican fast food) I did was for the major client that they lost as I have not seen any shops this month for them.
The Estes are the Ardent owners.

How long has it been since you had your last corresponding email with him? Take into account the weekends as well. Be patient and give it a couple of days to a week, then follow up once more.

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I had a payment get delayed because my change of account didn't get processed correctly. If I remember right, I emailed Bryant around the 27th asking what happened. Then a couple of days later I get postal mail from my former credit union showing they bounced the deposit.

I don't wait around when expecting payment. If it's more than a week late I'm writing an email and/or making a phone call.
I'm betting on a wrong account number or something wrong in the setup with the bank and I'm betting it's been resolved by now. I hope the OP comes back and lets us know the resolution.
Hello everyone, after the first post, Bryant called me and left a voicemail. sad smiley I wasn't by the phone. He asked me to leave my account info on his voicemail because he probably won't pick up but will try his best to. I left him the info on his voicemail and asked that he call me back or email me to make sure that he received the message. That was about a week ago. I still have not heard from him. I just checked my bank account and don't see any transactions from them. I'm waiting patiently to see if it ever gets resolved and I'll probably try emailing him again to see where he's at. I will let you know in a few weeks if there is any movement. Thank you everyone for being so helpful and caring!
Hi, just an update. I sent Bryant another email on October 24 and didn't hear anything until November 18th that my payment would be processed on Tuesday, November 21st. He apologized for the delay. I have checked my bank account and it was processed on the 21st. Yay. I was beginning to just think I wasn't going to be paid.
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