Ann Michaels MSC

They have airport shops which I would gladly do for them. I have applied on their sassie site a few times with no response. I also emailed the scheduler directly. I continue to get emails about their airport shops each month. I got one today asking for help. I replied back telling them that I have would gladly do them if they respond. I even tell them the experience I have doing airport shops for other MSCs. I get crickets. What gives? Any suggestions? Tired of wasting my breath. The shop sits on the site. What could they be waiting for?

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I keep getting daily emails for airport jobs from Customer Impact, too far for me without being badged.
I've never seen a job from AM, guess there back East.

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I shop in the East for the airport, not ANN MICHAELS MSC. I will check into this.
I just checked Ann MICHAELS MSC in the East, no airport shops in the East that I see.

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They have some at BWI.

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@walesmaven wrote:

They have some at BWI.
I've never seen those. Only their women's clothing store.
I guess I was looking more for an answer of how to get the MSC to respond to inquiries instead of me wasting my time on them.

The shops are Ionger there.
Do you reply directly to the emails? That sometimes gets me a response. I'll click "High Importance" just to be sure sometimes. My issue is that for their retail client, I sometimes fit, sometimes don't, so I tend to not sign up for them now.
The BWI one is a parking-ish shop. it's kinda not really that, but I'm not sure I can say what it is without violating disclosure rules.
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