Confero - Locations?

I saw a post on Facebook about movie theater mystery shops with Confero. I was wondering if anyone knows the areas they cover? Specifically, I am near North Fort Worth, TX, and I shop only in areas close to that area in Tarrant County. Does Confero have shops in this area? Just wanted to check before I applied.

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I saw Conferno shops in Garland and Firewheel when I lived there three years back.

I believe the ones I see now and those in TX you have to have an under aged kid try to buy an R rated ticket.

Check with Kern or HS brands for movie shops.

Also has screeners in DFW prior to movie releases. FREE and no reports.
Some theaters offers $5 movie tuesdays. Might be better deal. Although I enjoy the confero shops. Just said they lowered the fees this month in my area.
The one I got was for food and movie, no teenager or alcohol compliance needed. Date night for us oldies!!!
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