SQM report approval process question

I did my first shop with SQM a few days ago. Right after I submitted my report, I was able to see it show as submitted under my assignments, I log in today and there's nothing, no sign I ever had an assignment. I see that I have to invoice them in order to be paid and am hoping my assignment will show up when the report is approved.
Can anyone who has some experience with them give me some insight with their system?


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Strange, I don't seem to have that setup.
I am logged into their reporting software, EvaluateIt by SQM,(https://shopper.sqm.ca/) so it doesn't say "Your SQM Account" it has "Your EvaluateIt Account" and under it there is no "Report Card" only "Your Assignments" (no info there), "Your Requested Assignments", "Change Your User Info" and "Change Your Password".
Searching through old topics on this site makes it seem like there are separate sites & companies? I went directly to sqm.ca and tried the login there but it just directed me to the EvaluateIt login page.
Guess I will be following up with the scheduler.
Are you US based? If so, they will invoice for you. You can email the shopper payroll (I am not sure if I can leave the email here but feel free to PM me) for verification.

Your invoice will be created the month after your assignment was completed. So for example if you shopped in September, your invoice will be created for at the beginning of October and it will be processed at the end of October. During the first week of November your payment will be sent in check form.
They pay very quickly. My last shop was in July and I was paid within a week or two, don't remember exactly when but I was pleasantly surprised. I also don't remember an invoice, I just saw reimbursement on my credit card that I used. Sorry for not having specifics as I am not their regular shopper and cannot recall details
They are very reliable, follow the instructions to invoice them, usually the following month, and each step, creates a different outcome
from where "your shop" will be in the system. It moves along to different stages, and you need not worry.
Some of their shops involve paying them for a travel ticket and getting half the charge back, while others involve making a purchase directly from their client and then getting reimbursed. I've never gotten any kind of "your shop was approved" notice from them -- just the payment.
Thanks all for the info. I just had that nagging worry since all evidence of the shops seemed to vanish. It is reassuring that people have good things to say about them. I did touch base with the scheduler and he was very responsive and let me know he checked in with the editor and everything seemed to be fine.
Do they have enough USA based shops?? Not signed up with them and wondered after seeing their bus ride shops posted on this site.

Thank You
Arch they have shops in many states, including bus, hotels, flights, and restaurants in some. SQM is not a fast sign up company, however - there are "steps" that you need to work through, in order to receive assignments. I'm in Canada and shop with them frequently - most of their shops are in Canada.

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Yes, certain assignments are for Level 7 and up - but most I believe you can do after the first step.
Those tests can be frustrating when 1 is wrong and it doesn't tell you which one! I've been a shopper with them for over two years and still aren't at the end of the steps.
They have hotels in the US. Unfortunately, they only reimburse 50%. The report is FAR easier than most other hotels, but at 50% of the rack rate, unless I was planning to stay there anyway, I can do almost as well with points or other discounts.

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