Should I just expect my shops to be invalid with MarketForce? More details....

I performed shops for them last week on the 10th & 11th. For whatever reason, my clutter/spam box caught some emails asking additional questions and I didn't see them immediately. Apparently the client wants more info or didn't like my replies because someone is swearing they did their job correctly winking smiley

My shops already show as "approved" but they had sent emails asking for more info and for me to reply within 24 hours. Well, it's been 56 or so hours since they sent them but I just saw them for the first time. I happened to glimpse my clutter/junk/spam box and saw their name in there. Well, it's the start of the third day since they wanted more info within 24 hours. I did reply back, but should I just go ahead and figure these shops will be invalidated :-( Dunno how or why they went to spam. Probably because they sent 6 or 8 emails in a row and my email thought that was spam/junk/harassment.

*Edited to add no one has called me to ask for any additional info...


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What is your question? Are you asking if others think your shops will be invalidated? Or are you asking if you should bother responding since it has been beyond 24 hours?

If you have not responded, I would respond if I were you. Generally, the QC group does not telephone, they work mostly through email. Part of this may be so that they have a written record of what you respond when the client has asked for clarification to the report. Likely your written responses are forwarded to the client. Who knows if they will be invalidated, but I would try to give them the answers the client wants. It sounds like this is more than one shop? A bigger issue is that you might be deactivated if you get questions on multiple shops and fail to respond. I would respond immediately via email if you have not already.
I see now that she said she replied. Good. That's the right thing to do. I guess she can let us know if they invalidate the shops or if they deactivate her.
*now that I've had multiple cups of coffee* I shall explain more. These were appliance/home improvement inquiry shops that involved asking questions about haul away service and requesting a call back with pricing information.

Some did call, but some did not. On the ones that didn't call, they wanted to know if anyone called me back outside the 24 hours, or if anyone sent any emails, text, etc.

I replied back this morning & sent the info, but by the time I saw the emails, I had already gotten the 2nd warning notifications. I don't actively browse my spam&harassment folder but happened to click it and see MF in there.

I'd hate to get deactivate over some $7 shops -_- Usually, all my MF stuff comes directly to my inbox but my University email (it's the one I've used for 10 years) flagged it for spamming & harassment since the same address sent so many in a row.

It's been about eight hours since I replied to them. No response. Shops do still show as being "accepted" on the history in my account.

I had a similar experience with MF. The shop was approved but a week or so later, I received an email requesting clarification. I replied and thought that was the end of it. I received another email which I missed. Someone from Quality Control called me the next day and nicely asked me about the second email. I apologized and gave her the requested information and that was it. If you have a good work history with them, I think you would probably be okay.
Well they haven't sent any more emails to me and the shops still show approved. My most recent round of the same type are sitting in QC but I think the people all called on those asking about haul away.

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