Mystery shopping companies with similar job search format as Market Force

I signed up for several companies but found most of their job search formats not to my liking. Are there any other mystery shopping companies with job search format similar to Market Force?

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You actually like the mf job search feature?

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Yes, It is very user friendly. You can customize your search and self-assign. I especially love the rescheduling ability. Reporting is quick and easy especially now that you can upload documents as you go.

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The only reason I am still with MarketForce is their website job search / allocation feature. However it's a difficult relationship due to their low fees and long reports that want you to redescribe the visit multiple times. If anyone knows any other companies where you can

-> self allocate jobs without waiting to be approved / selected
-> set your home & work location and view jobs on a map in relation to this
-> view full notes and timings before selecting a job
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