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This is one of the MSCs that I signed up for awhile ago, but never got approved or my application is still sitting. Do they have enough shops to make it worth my while to follow up?

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No, not right now. They had pretty much only one major client (about 90% of their shops) and they no longer shop that client. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed they pick up more clients in the future. I really liked them and had been shopping for them for about a decade, so it's really sad for me and many others.
Don't bother.

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Thanks. I think I know who the client was from reading between the lines on other threads.
I was also sad to see them lose the client. Even with the pay drops, they were a good company that always paid on time. They may not have many clients now, but I hope they get more. Signing up now may not be worth your while, but watch them. They may bounce back with other clients in the future.
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