Strategic Reflections - Help with Guidelines?

Turning again to the wisdom of the crowd. Just picked up a gas shop for SR via GigSpot and I have a question. The shop listing tells me there are 3 shifts and to check the Shopper Instructions to find the shift I'm supposed to shop. But there is no reference to what shift to do in the instructions. There's not even the word shift. I would like to sign up for a number of these, but won't sign up for any shops having to be done between 10 PM and 6 AM. Don't want to sign up and then have to cancel since it's my first experience with SR.

Does anyone know? This is a non-revealed, no photo shop concentrating on the employees.

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Well, I hate Gigspot...I canceled that earlier this year because I was unable to get into the Shop Metric's companies websites directly anymore. So, after I emailed Gigspot and had them remove me, I now go straight to the website of each MSC to log in and can get full details on everything. Is this your first Gigspot assignment? I am going to guess you had better email someone from SR to find out further details. I know I am not the only person who was dissatisfied with GS and had themselves removed.
Funny you said that JASFLALMT. I actually have done quite a few GigSpot shops now, but yes, I tried to login directly to SR to find an answer and it just redirects to GigSpot. If no one else can chime in with a personal response (ie. "The store shops aren't subject to the shift requirement. Go anytime."winking smiley I will contact the company Monday just to be sure. Thanks for your input.
Emails generated crickets so I called today. Took Carrie by surprise because she couldn't view the Shopper Instructions where the mythical shift time was supposed to be located. She talked to Emma, whose in charge of these shops and the bottom line is the client hasn't decided on which shift for which location. Anyone who has one of these shops on their job board will get an email when those decisions are made.

That kind of blows because a) I'd like to knock down 8-12 of these right away so I can build routes around them, and b) makes me wonder. The shopper instructions go to everyone, but the reports are tailored to the location. Why not have the info on the report?
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