Has Sentry Marketing sent out payments for invoices processed 9/30 yet?

I received a direct deposit on 8/31/2017, but I have not received one for 9/30/2017. I am (not so patiently) waiting for payment for two jobs completed 7/18 and 8/2. The invoice date was August 16, 2017 so the payments should have been processed September 30. Here it is October 22 and still no direct deposit. Is anyone else waiting for their money?

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Did you check Bill.com to see if the money is there? If it isn't, I'd submit a support ticket.
Usually Dave responds to issues posted on the forum. If support hasn't replied to you, try PMing him @Sentry Marketing, though you will lose your anonymity on the forum.
Payment for Invoice 40 was processed at the end of September. If you have not received payment, please submit a support ticket and we will research the issue.
I checked Bill.com and there was nothing waiting for me. I sent a support ticket Oct 22 (yesterday) so I will wait to see what happens.
I haven’t received payment yet from a July shop but I receive checks not direct deposit, I just submitted a ticket too. I’ve never not received payment from Sentry so I’m not worried I just didn’t realize we were due to paid yet for that round.
Just a follow-up. Sentry Marketing responded to my support ticket with a nice email acknowledging the problem. I received another email early this morning that payment will be in my bank account on 10/26. Thanks, Sentry Marketing!
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