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I only know of a handful of companies that do restaurants in my area. ( See level, RBG, A closer look, Goodwin) Can anyone name some they know of in Wisconsin and Minnesota?

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Look on Presto Shops or Gigspot or Jobslinger in your area and you will have your answer.
Coyle always has fine and casual dining everywhere, but getting one without building yourself up in their company, isn't easy, as they sit on the board. I'd try one of their casual lunch shops or a phone shop.
Customer Impact lost their upscale restaurant due to their not using our service anymore, I did it for years both in Fl. and L.A., lost it over 2 years ago, but I do see nicer casual restaurants here, however, they go quickly with emails being sent out to current shoppers, same with The Source, hardly get to the board. I'd check ISS who has Goodwin restaurants, and they are generally nice. i have done many for them, even with their 45 or under age
requirement, they still have several I do...but check often.

Live consciously....

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I did a really nice upscale steakhouse for Customer Impact in April. It came up again in June but I wasn't eligible because you can only do it once a year. It's a really nice restaurant known for their steaks that has excellent wine and reimburses $100 per person for 2-4 people. It's one of the few I have seen around my area that allow you to order a bottle of wine with dinner. I did it with my husband and we didn't bring anyone else with us.

Irene is right about Coyle, they are hard to break into and you usually have to do some phone shops first. I got lucky and they let me have restaurants right away, then hotel shops after only two restaurants. It depends a lot on where you live and how many shoppers there are to compete with, I imagine.

Off I go to do my demo. See ya!
Thanks for the insight. I'm pretty sure the lack of restaurant shops is due to the population but doesn't hurt to ask.
Minnesota and Wisconsin. That's a large area, OP. If you were more specific - e.g. what city/county - someone might be able to offer ideas.
Coyle currently has a restaurant open in Manila, MN.
BARE has a menu picture shop in Black River Falls, WI.
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