Market Force Mystery shop followed by announced audit.

There are a bunch of these in my area, but it says the pay is $8, does that mean they only will pay you that for conducting both?

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Yes it does. I decline those. They have mystery shops at the same locations paying the same amounts.
They are paying way too low for the mystery shop and audit. Just grab the basic mystery shop - which pays the same - and hopefully they will bonus the audits. I accidentally signed up for four of them before I realized they were also audits and immediately cancelled.
I didn't sign up for any. I love the mystery shop. Piece of cake. I think once you do an audit you wouldn't be able to mystery shop the same location.
You can do the mystery shop and the revealed audit, but there is a rotation period. I do both types of shops for all the stations in my area.
They go through employees quick so maybe not next month but the month after. And I have noticed that they are all revealed or mystery shops. Have never seen both in the same month. And is there a waiting period between shops.

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Way back when, when I first started out MS and for MF I took 1 of these. It took me about 2-3 hours. NEVER AGAIN! Let others be stupid and take those jobs. Wait - when no one does them they will be bonused although if it doesn't pay at least $30 I wouldn't even consider it
I had looked at those too and cancelled after I realized they were paying the same amount for the audit as they were for the shop--put that in my reason for cancelling.
I wondered about the waiting period (if there is one) between shops. I seem to notice that some of the shops I've done don't appear again on my list for a couple months. There are certain shops that I really don't want to return to more often--concerned that the one employee there might remember me.
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