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I recently received a low grade due to narrative revisions with Service Check. I’m new to mystery shopping, and was wondering how bad a grade of 7 is. Will they still pay me the regular fee, as well as the bonus?

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You will get paid your fee and your bonus with a 7, the only thing that would keep you from getting paid was if they rejected the shop. You are new, give it some time. Maybe work on your writing skills. Keep in mind that a lot of MSCs like simple sentences and pay close attention to your spelling and grammar.
Being new, you might want to review your work and see what you could have done better. That said, Service Check grading can be sporadic and I think they take a point for each time they contact you for clarification (even if it was perfectly clear in the original narrative or they are requesting something not required in the original instructions.)

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The people at Service Check are excellent. Re-read your report and if you don't understand your failings, do call them. Karin and her staff will explain what to do to get a 10 next go around.
I agree about low scoring. I was marked down an additional point for not asking where to find a specific product I asked for which aisle. This is semantics if ever I saw it!
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