MF gas station shops

All the gas station shops have disappeared in my entire area, anyone else have this issue? Please don’t mention the brand thanks

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Here's a guess.

They have a certain number of shops to fill across a certain area. Once that quota is filled they take down the rest of the shops from the job board.

In other words, they need 100 locations shopped. They post 200 shops. The first 100 that are completed or requested count and the rest disappear.

First come, first served.
I have seen a lot less. I remember a time where there was SO MANY. I have a handful in my area. I am happy they are not announced audits. What I did see is they want to pay so little. I used to get way more last year. sad smiley
The ones in my area were taken by a new shopper and lots rejected. I was waiting until the got bonused a little. Now they will have to bonus a lot!
I get emails from MF daily with shops in my area and there are always gas stations on it. However, when I try to select one from the email, I receive the message that the shop is no longer available to me. AND, none of those shops ever show up on the job board. I emailed and asked if possibly I had met my max for those shops, and that might be the reason they don't appear on my job board. I was told that it's a glitch and they don't know when it will be corrected. That was three weeks ago. Still having the same issues
Same issue I am having....looks like a lot of people are in the same boat in Colorado. I see a ton of shops in the daily email that are never usually there this time of the month.
I think they rotate the number of shops. One month its an audit, the next month it is a mystery shop at a station down the street.
@mjt9598 wrote:

They were just put back on the board in my area. All for this month are night shops.

Be sure to look at them very closely for the time frames. There were 12 posted in my area this morning. Of those, 7 were night shops, 7-9PM, and 5 were anytime shops, 7AM-9PM. They were alternated so I had to be very careful not to accidentally select a night shop. I'm more than happy to do their anytime shops, but I won't do the 7-9PM with additional pay.
Why do they say 5 dollars reimbursement with a 2-gallon purchase of gas and a mandatory purchase inside? In my area 2 gallons of gas is around 5 dollars, right? so with a mandatory purchase, you lose a dollar of your commission. Why do they expect you to do this for $8-1 $7 dollars? and take 20 pics? really??? They need to reevaluate the pay scale on these for real. Some come out for less than this. I wondered if everyone just taking the 5 required pics and saying, "hey everything's ok here" done!
Two pics on the non-revealed. Never take the revealed ones for $8 plus $5 reimbursement!!!
So I wonder what would happen if we got one gallon of gas and made a purchase and stayed under our $5 dollars reimbursement?
Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Gas here was $2.79 a gallon at a brand I work for MF. Just the gas alone is well over the reimbursement. They know. They don't care! Each person that knows that this zillion dollar a year company is cheating their workers decreases the value of the brand. Strange they would want to do this.

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@F and L TeleComm wrote:

So I wonder what would happen if we got one gallon of gas and made a purchase and stayed under our $5 dollars reimbursement?

The guidelines specifically state that 2 gallons of gas must be purchased in addition to a store purchase of any amount.

There are cameras recording and a restroom visit so I hope people aren't taking pictures and calling it good!

I think of these shops more as reimbursement only for my gas and treat to take to my regular job. smiling smiley And I'm good with that!

The $8 Audit = Ten-Foot Pole List!

Part-time Colorado Shopper since 2016.
My first one took me hours, I spent just over 30 minutes at the store photoing all the issues and a few hours to figure out the branding requirements for a shop that paid me next to nothing.The next one I did for another MSC and I do believe it was easier. Still, it wasn't the worst one I ever did. The worst one was a recreational activity with an extensive survey for very little commission on top the cost.That one took me the most hours. I will not take another unless I'm off and at home, the next day with a healthy bonus tacked on.
@F and L TeleComm wrote:

So I wonder what would happen if we got one gallon of gas and made a purchase and stayed under our $5 dollars reimbursement?

If you get less than TWO gallons of gas, your shop will be rejected and you won't get paid.

It was great last year when gas prices got way way down. I was able to get 3 gallons of gas and a store purchase out of the $5. Now that prices are higher, running about $2.25 here, I usually go ahead and put $5 in and then buy something for $1 in the store. I never, never take the audits, only the mystery shops.
I've done a few audits for around $25. Then they aren't so bad. I've also mistakenly asked for $5 of gas only to find out I figured incorrectly and it was just under 2 gallons. It was approved, but I wouldn't do it on purpose.

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Thank you for that info. I was thinking to that instead of buying a soda in store I could buy the two gallons and go in buy a piece of hard/chewy candy.But knowing me I'll be thirsty and buy a soda or a water. lol.
I stay away from the audits. I will do the mystery shops for gas stations. What surprised me is they paid the same for the audits and the mystery shops. I will not do any audits for $8.
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