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Never, never, never submit any extra pictures with a Marketforce shop. I have done nearly a thousand shops with Marketforce and submitted probably 5,000 or more photos. Today... Marketforce used an "extra" picture against me and invalidated a shop, which should never have been invalidated. I argued the case, and I was told that,

"I asked QC about this, and they noted that they have made a correction and were able to forward your report back through to be reprocessed. It seems likely this shop will be approved. If not, you will be notified as soon as possible."

Never, never, never provide any extra photos... never. it will come back to bite you. It is "likely" that a correct report will be paid.... "likely".

Don't take the risk... don't submit anything extra.

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That's odd. One of MF's photo shops specifically requires that one upload all photos one takes. There are two photos required minimum (receipt and food).
I always upload all my photos, even the blurry ones. It's just easier and I can select the pretty ones to link to the report. I would have to know more info on shop type, etc. to understand why it might come back to bite you unless they see something you didn't report. When something is out of place, I try to sneak a photo of it, too so the place can't say I was wrong.

I took photos of a pop machine overflowing, the green, grimy machine nozzles, and the condiment area dripping -- as well as overflowing trash and dirty tables. I did sample everything I had gotten, but I wasn't happy about it. It tasted fine, but the place was a wreck. I guess it was after a rush, but that isn't my fault and normal customers walking in and seeing it will get turned off and complain.

Same thing happened to me. Extra pics of store. Accidentally attached a pic from shop i did just before this one as an extra photo. I got an Invalid shop. Said there was nothing they could do about it. The thing is that I had so much trouble with the web site that day. When I reviewed my report I could not see the photos. I should have emailed them and told them of the problem. It was an expensive lesson learned.
Where the place is that you can review your report, on the top of that page (any page really once you've completed the report) there are tabs. There is a tab that says photos, or pictures, and if you click on that tab you can see all of the photos that you have uploaded. In case you already know this, never mind.
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