Hi, everyone; I am new to mystery shopping and I need to speak to someone at Ipsos. I can't find a link to ask them directly. Do they have a phone number or an email address where I can contact someone there? I tried ipsosmysteryshopping.com with no response. Thanks for helping.

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Did you mean mystery.shopping@ipsos.com ? If it about a specific project, you can email your scheduler. Their schedulers are from Summit scheduling. If you have a name, someone here might be able to give you their email address.

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I self-assigned (I thought) and went to do job close to my house. i come home to submit report and job is gone,
why would they give it to someone else.....bs to that!

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I've found one self-assign with IPSOS. It was just yesterday and it was a phone shop.

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it's their website set up, its crazy. I have pending shops that are long gone. And two ungraded shops that have been sitting there a week waiting to be graded
I agree about their website but I do like their shops when I can get them. I had 2 phone shops yesterday that because they didn't pick up only had about 3 questions. Their retail shops are nice too and I usually don't have a problem getting those. Their big consistent client is the one that drives me crazy trying to get. Those sit pending for weeks on my page. The questionaires are very long but no narratives so they don't take very long. If only I could consistently get those shops.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
I've got to finish the medical testing. I haven't had time cuz I was slammed with the grocery store, college, and retail shops the last 3 days. The source approved four grocery stores in one day, 2 for sun and two for mon. I had not done those crazy ones with the attentiveness stuff before just mf's easy ones so I declined one of them on Sunday so I could take my time the first time around and make sure I had everything right. Today is a great day, I get to take it easy. This evening I'll go hit 3 liquor stores each one is a 1 product audit, put in the prices, multiple choice packaging take one storefront shot and one product shot. and I'm done takes 3 minutes and pays 8 bucks each. I can do all 3 in 1 hour. so 24 bucks. then two minutes at home to click confirm I did it and that's it. no report no narrative nothing. It will take longer to log in than it will to click yes I did it -submit.

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Did payments go out today? I referred a friend who has contacted me because they were expecting a payment today. When I'm expecting payments, they are usually in my paypal by noon. This friend confirmed that the payments were OK for pay on the 21st, so were part of the batch that's supposed to be paid on the last day of the month
just now paid! almost 5pm SMT.

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Today I got paid for a couple of shops completed and submitted on November 11.

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I had some assignments that were "Pending Validation" until I emailed the scheduler. That said, those 5 were not included in this pay. (Pay period 11/7/21 - 11/21/17) Payment via paypal at 7pm on 11/30.

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I discovered mine was in about 9:30 last night. I think it actually went in about 5:30 my time but I was busy until then. I immediately transferred from Pay Pal but I thought for sure it wouldn't get into my account until. Monday because it was so late. I checked this morning and my bank account seemed to confirm what I expected. BUT I checked about 1 this afternoon and SURPRISE SURPRISE the transfer to my bank account was there. I was very very happy!!! smiling smiley

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
I think after the first couple of times they get faster. Once they have confirmed everything between PayPal and the bank. but PayPal will issue a debit card too. Unless you have account drafts *car note, credit cards) you can use the PayPal card like your bank debit card.
Slightly off-topic, for which I apologize, but it does involve Ipsos (at least, Shopmetrics) ... Is there any way to filter the topics beyond changing "ALL SURVEYS" to one of those in the drop-down menu? The drop-down menu of shops used to be rather short and easy-to-navigate, but now it is quite long and cumbersome. Does anyone know of any way to filter some of the projects out--especially those that clearly had a start-and-end point quite some time ago? Thank you!
Anybody deal with a scheduler from there that you can actually speak with on the phone? or that answers emails?
Text is the way to go! Who is your scheduler? Except Kim, she only responds after the fact, any fact, with snarky, passive-agressive "Why didn't.....?" whatever she needed done.
I just noticed something on the IPSOS board in my area. There are 3 electronics shops available all at the same location with the same due date. 2 are TV shops and 1 is a Tablet shop. Since I've been shopping for them I haven't seen this before. I wonder if there was a problem at this location. I can't take one since I've shopped them too recently but I am curious.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
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