Reality Based Group Closing (?)

They are months late on payments with several people I know and they are not answering their phones on any extension. Is Reality Based Group closing down?

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I work with them on a monthly basis and am up to date on all payments. My October shops were paid on 11/20, right on time. They seem to be answering the telephone and email, and they are scheduling shops for December. It looks like business as usual to me.

I've heard no reports of late payments. Maybe you should tell the people you know to come here and explain to us how exactly they are late. Do you have any first-hand knowledge, or are you just repeating something you heard from someone else?
I actualy have been doing quite a bit MORE work for them than usual and my payments have been spot on.

Lol we really need to get better at naming these threads.... Time and time again, we see threads named, "Is MSC X going out of business?" It's click bait way of titling the threads and that shouldn't be necessary.... In my opinion, of course.

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RBG also acquired Shopper's Critique just this year. Most companies do not proceed with acquisitions if their finances are shaky.

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They have less shops than previously in L.A., but I never had a problem with them, and they are in business.
I didn't know they acquired Shopper's Critique, they should have more jobs, we'll see.

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This is usually the first place to pay every month. I have had no issues with being paid. Just my two cents.
Last payment arrived on schedule, and shopping for them this evening. No worries here.

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