MSC's that deserve a kudo's - Fast Payers

Have had the pleasure of working for MSC's that pay out the shop on the same month that it is performed -- Business solutions, technology store shopper, and GFK. These MSC's are gold and know how to treat the shopper. Kudo's to you for not waiting the standard month to two months.

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The Source pays twice a month, the 5th and the 20th, and I've gotten it a day early many times.

Live consciously....
Shoppers' View pays twice a month. winking smiley

Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month. Shops submitted between the 16th and 31st 11:59pm EST will be paid around the 15th of the following month.

We also have an expedited holiday payment schedule right now:
-Shops submitted November 16-30 payable will be paid December 8.
-Shops submitted December 1-9 will be paid December 15.
-Shops submitted December 10-15 will be paid December 22.
-Shops submitted December 16-31 will be paid on the regular payment schedule, January 15, 2018.

Administrative Manager for Shoppers' View
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Last week I did two phone shops for IMYST and received payment the NEXT DAY.

Always take the high road.
New Image pays for shops completed the previous month at the beginning of the next month. They pay like clockwork and I have never had any late payments.
@Irene_L.A. wrote:

DJC also pays within 4 days but has only one job here....great company.

BINGO! GFK is fast. I have been doing this for 20+ years. NO ONE Pays faster than DJC. NO ONE! Jeff and Brandon are awesome to deal with. I can't recommend them enough
I second your shout-out to Shilcheck, Echelonstyle. I did a shop for them on Saturday, and was paid this afternoon! However, I was disappointed to see they deducted the PayPal processing fee from my payment. No other MSC that I’ve worked for has ever done that w/PayPal. I’ve been quickly paid by SkilCheck via check in the past, and there was never a charge.
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