Certified Field Associate Bonuses

They are offering $10 per showtime for patron count and $20 bonus. Is the bonus added onto the total or is it added to the $10 for each show, making it $30 per show?

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It wasn’t specified. I assumed per auditorium but saw that the unit amount says $30
Is this company legit? I see it is supposed to be out of business but I am receiving possible assignments? I also am receiving messages that they could be scam.
Eh? No, Certified is doing just fine and dandy.

As for bonuses, I think it depends on exactly what they have you doing. I would recommend calling them to clarify. That sounds like a flat 20 on top of whatever else you would be doing, but I may be wrong.
Oh, I see why pingel.janice is asking that. Certified used to be a stand-alone company many moons ago. They were bought out by Market Force years ago. So now when you log in to Market Force, you have two companies to select from, Market Force and/or Certified. So the ORIGINAL Certified is no longer a singular company, but has been incorporated into Market Force, and is alive and well. But that is why the original Certified in on the list of "out of business" companies. Now, Certified deals mainly with theater checks and installing standees. Once in a blue moon (ha ha blue moon this week..really!), they will have something different...as in, tax audits, which I did 2 of for them this past week. Anyhow, hope that helps.
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