grrr- satisfaction services...

Satisfaction Services still owes me for a shop in June. I contacted them several weeks ago about 're-issuing' payment they claim to have mailed.... I got mail from all of the other mystery shopping companies just fine. grrr

Still have not received anything after several emails.

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Have you telephoned the company, or your scheduler? My assignments from SS are emailed with the scheduler's name and phone number. From the MSP's site:

Mickie Caracatsanis, Managing Partner
P.O. Box 11045
Fort Lauderdale,
Florida 33339
954-564-6570 or 800-564-6574
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Satisfaction Services is a company to stay away from. They required heavy verbal answers about their shops. In their write up on what they will pay for a shop they use the phrase that they will pay "UP TO" without a specific amount until you query them just what the payment will be. Then they say a receipt must be submitted, but they don't tell you how much you have to spend until you make an inquiry pining them down.
Their directions are poorly written when it comes to pay & what amount allowed to spend.
I don't do a lot of work for them, but I've had no problems. I always know exactly what the reimbursement and fee are before I accept the job. And, so far, I've been paid on time. There is not a lot of communication or feedback from the company, which is fine with me: I just want to do the job, report, and get paid.
I did a couple shops for em when starting, didn't like them and have not worked for them since. I vaguely remember not getting paid for one job, and never followed it. PrivateEyes schedules for them....

Live consciously....
I work with them somewhat regularly. I've received email from different scheduling companies for their shops, but something falls through on their end, and my communication and assignments have been from Satisfaction Service's in-house schedulers. They don't have a job board, but telephone or email with availabilities. My shops with them have been reimbursements, clearly stated. I have always gotten paid on time, by check. The checks are normally cut the end of the month following the shop and arrive shortly thereafter.
I've worked with them for years and never had a problem. Until now. They're not paying their October shops. Having a devil of a time trying to get it, too.
I can tell you that shops are handled from two different places. Not sure if I'm getting the places correct, but I THINK some are out of the DC office, and others are out of Florida.

I, too, had an experience withe them where the check was supposedly in the mail, and ultimately, the scheduler paid me via PayPal from their own personal account. BTW, I did another shop during the same period, for which payment was on time. I don't know how their schedulers are involved with paying, but at least some are. So, it could be the specific scheduler, and not the company.

Here's another number for them: 877-305-SHOP

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I had several good experiences with them but something has changed. They used to call me from a Ft Laud office (I am in So Florida) or email me when there was a shop. Now I get email from PrivateEyes, and they tell me there is no other way I can apply. Even if i apply immediately upon receiving the email the shop is already taken.
Sat Services is franchised out. There are three offices that I know of - FL, DC, TX.

TX pays their shops on their own. For me, the experience including Oct pay, has been on time.

FL has "delays" in getting the checks out. They are suppose to be cut the 25th of the month following your work. IE - shops completed in September would be "paid" the 25th of October. The FL office says to give them 5 days to stuff envelopes and mail them out. They are getting slower and slower and slower... My experience for Sept shops was pay arriving 2 weeks, and 3 phone calls late.

DC had FL process their checks. So same delays as mentioned before.

I have found that the DC scheduler is kind and helpful. She has no control over when the checks are sent from FL, but she is willing to make phone calls on your behalf.

So for pay - tough one. I will happily work with the TX office. Secondly with the DC office. And never again for the FL office. (<---- FL office brutally took away my shop, literally just a few hours after I completed the shop. I was out $50 and they couldn't be bothered to respond to emails or return phone calls!)
Satisfaction Services does not have a job board where you can search and apply. Their schedulers telephone me when there's something available. On occasion, they use outside schedulers, who email. Private Eyes is one of them. Another thing, an Italian restaurant done for them was paid by check from an investment company. The return address on the envelope may be something other than SS.

Call them.
Mert, sounds like you worked from the TX office. That franchise does send checks that say do say they are an investment company. Of the three offices, I have found that the TX office is the best in terms of paying on time. smiling smiley
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