Intellishop Vehicle Shops Credit Inquiry Run

I did a vehicle shop for Intellishop last year. In getting my credit report, I noticed that the dealership had run a credit check. The only information they had was my driver's license for the test drive. Be forewarned.

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First, that is illegal. A dealership is not permitted to run your credit without your permission.
Second, a credit check cannot be run without your social security number. Unless the dealership had a way to illegally acquire it by referencing it with your D.L., it should not be possible for them to do so. ... I have done countless new vehicle shops - some through Intellishop - and never have had an issue.

This is the sort of thing that you can report to your state's attorney general.

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Some of them are sneaky. I had done one for a MSC about 6 months ago. The dude said that he wanted me to sit at their computer just to "complete the registration" ... then I noticed the SSN box. I was like, you're going to run my credit? "Oh, yeah." No, thanks.
Yikes. That happened to me once at a furniture store. I signed up for a credit reporting watch company and it was removed as soon as I made the call and what I consider a pretty threatening letter sent to the offending store by the credit reporting company.

The same thing happens when I do cell phone mystery shop. They beg and plead for my information desperately trying to make a quick sale by being able to say that whatever they are looking at on the screen says that I am qualified instead of trying to represent their brand and providing a proper presentation. They make really strange facial expressions and provide body languages that are recognizable across brands, even re-sellers. I guess they are practicing, with their facial expressions, what they are feeling inside when they are pushing you for your info. Some have gotten down-right upset or exasperated about it.

When you're a mystery shopper, and not a customer, it's really hard not to laugh. You know how you can't let the conversation/presentation go too far left or your 30 minute dealership shop can turn into a two hour rumble, I have to stop myself from laughing MANY times. A couple of times I got into a laughing frenzy, you know those moments when you start laughing and you just can't stop? One was at a Cricket and once the sales associate started laughing the entire store was laughing.
Sometimes the B.S. they try to get you to "buy" is pretty laugh-worthy! And, because us mystery shoppers rarely are allowed to make a purchase, we know we're not buying anything, literally or figuratively, so why not laugh-out on their poor (or good) salesmanship, right?

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Oh yes, no matter how professional you become in this industry, mystery shoppers always look like a looksie-loo! I've seen the "professional video shopper" videos on youtube, especially the one where they guy is badgering what looks like a Sear's Associate to pick a recommended brand and tell him why. She looks like "I did, like 5 times, aren't you listening?"
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