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Anyone knows how to see the shops you have completed for Intellishop in the month while you still have upcoming shops that are not due yet? Because your shops completed list does not show on your shop log while new shops are pending.

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It works the same for all the companies using the Sassie platform. Above the shop log, on the right side, click on "Show Filters." It will open a box to expand how you view the items in your Shop Log. On the left is a Drop Box for "Job Status." It allows you to select Any, Active, or Finished.

This company is heavily oriented around the schedulers and how they manage certain clients. I have a particular recent shop that I have some reimbursement calculation issues. However, the scheduler is not responding to communications. The general helpdesk email that is mentioned on their site is also not a working email address. Do others have advice on how to reach a support group at this MSC when the scheduler is not responding?

Thanks for the thought. I did send a note directly to the scheduler who had an auto-reply that she was just really backlogged on email.

Anyway, the reimbursement adjustment I was seeking was done as I needed. So, it worked out.
@autotech2612 wrote:

LOL @ weatherman

Eh? I've almost always been able to get through to someone. They're usually quite helpful.
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