Marketforce - Contact?

I have asked Marketforce on two occasions now to please put me on their do not call list for checking to see if I can complete a shop for them. They called again last week. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get them to stop calling me? Or, do you have a contact at Marketforce directly to contact about this?

I do not want to delete my account as I do many shops for MF. I just don't want them calling me about shops directly. I've kindly requested another MS to stop texting and they did so immediately and was very nice about it.

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Just ignore the calls? Did you check the Account settings? They may not offer the option you want.

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Create another phone # that you use only for mystery shopping. Then give this phone# out. You can still get realtime emails and texts noyifying you someone called. Try google voice. It's free.
Hmmmm. I don't answer the phone for certain numbers. Figure out which area code they are calling from and don't answer.
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