I need the EIN for Texas Shopper Network. I couldn't get any info for a 1099 over the phone. I'm just trying to get my income reported.

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I don't have it. But I found this: The IRS recommends waiting until February 14 before taking any action if you have not received your W2 (or in this case and 1099. If it's after February 14 with no help or response from your employer, the IRS can assist you at 800-829-1040.
The deadline for providing W2s and 1099s is January 31, 2018. Unless you were paid $600 or more by the company (this does not include reimbursements, only fees), they are not required to send one.
I saw on The Source's site if you haven't made $600.00 last year, you won't need tax form, only if you over 600.00. You should e abe to go into MSC site ad get you EIN#. i see my EIN# on The Source's site.

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If they won't give it to you and they don't have to, you can just file it as additional income earned under the part where they ask you if you have any other income for which you did not receive a 1099. Almost all of the companies that pay through paypal, and I have about 58 last year, do not provide a 1099. You can look up your 1099 income, and who paid it to you, in your paypal account.
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