Ipsos Sassie and Ipsos Shopmetrics

What's the deal here? I had never noticed they were different platform websites with different shops until today.... Apparently my passwords are different and the shop types are different but it's the same company logo. I just started getting emails about new shops (I suppose a new client that is actually in my area)

Apologies if this has been discussed but my forum search didn't yield much. One is found at shopmetrics and the other at sassie shop. I just grabbed up a new shop type this week and noticed the difference. Are there different divisions? This will be my fifth year shopping so how did I never notice? Haha.


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Ipsos has a Sassie platform? Oh, my.... I had no idea.

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This is how I felt haha. http:// www.sassieshop .com /2ipus/index.norm.php

without all the spaces.

I’ve got jobs booked with both. Ipsosus and ipsosusa. Same scheduling for both, but different platforms. I was a little surprised too. The payment times are different. Ipsosus pays on the 15th and the 30th while ipsosusa promises payment in 45 days.
I had no idea either. I received an email yesterday announcing some pet shops. But, I could find nothing listed. Now I understand why. I signed up with the Sassie site, but there are no shops in my area. Have they been on Sassie a long period of time or could they possibly be shifting to a new platform?

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I had no idea in the last five years hahahaha. But I never receive emails either unless something is close by. Apparently, I signed up for them back when I was gungho to sign up with every company. Well, at least there will be some work trickling in extra this month. Glad someone has insight on both. Thanks Sassy!

Apparently I signed up on the Sassie site in 2013 so it is not new.

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That's me. I signed up in 2014 but I don't recall. I guess they didn't have any work and fell off my radar like many other companies. If nothing pops up month after month, year after year, I eventually stop checking.

I've done work for IPSOS USA in the past and also the shopmetrics site.

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WOW!! Talk about forgetting you're signed up with a company!! I just logged on, and I see where I've done 9 of there mailing shops between 2009 & 2014 (very different from current postal shops)...nothing since then. Somehow it got dropped from my list of Sassie shops! The pet shops are not in my area. Thanks, MC88 for mentioning this! I had totally forgotten!
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