What's up with those EPMS walk in first then call later w/fake voice shops ?

Anyone else think this is a bit much ? Walk in, then call same leasing agent back later with fake story and voice. Really ? as if you won't get busted....and not paid, of course.

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according to instructions, the shopper is to walk in and not call first. just walk in. afterwords with a short time period, call the office and somehow disguise voice and ask leasing agent questions. this means 2 separate identities and hope the leasing agent doesn't recognize your voice from previous tour. call is recorded, BTW This seems a bit much to ask and if you get outed, then what.
I did one of these and it was the last shop I've done for EPMS since. I did the visit late in the afternoon and when I went to call the apartment complex the next morning no one answered the phone. It went directly to voicemail for hours. I heard on the news that the apartment complex had a fire. That was why they weren't answering the phone the fire was pretty major. EPMS was refusing to pay me for the work I had done because they deleted my report on the visit that hadn't been submitted yet. they said if they couldn't get paid I couldn't be paid. It turned into a bloody war. I refused to rewrite a report I had already written and hadn't made a copy of yet because I hadn't submitted the report because I was waiting to make the phone call, which I had to be added to the report before finalizing. After much arguing they finally agreed to pay me extra for rewriting the report on the visit. The experience put such a terrible taste in my mouth for that company that I've never done work for them again.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
I've been told I couldn't get a walk in tour on an EPMS shop when I just showed up. I had to set up an appointment and go back.
EPMS really needs to disclose this type of specialty shop in their shop preview, like they do with recorded audio/video shops, so shoppers can decide B4 accepting the shop, rather than afterwards. It's a waste of time to spring this on the shoppers after assignment has been accepted, and yes, it's a 2/1 shop. No thank you very much.
...which means shop instructions were not followed. Cha-ching $$ but not for you. Color that a 2 for 1 shop or better yet, a waste of time.

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I’ve done these and haven’t had a problem yet. Maybe it’s because of years of call center work, I actually have a different “phone voice”. I do the visits in the morning and calls in the afternoon. I also have several phone numbers and emails for my various alias’.
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