Does Sinclair or PersontoPerson send 1099's if you've resigned/deactivated yourself?

I left both of these companies last year and although I kept spreadsheets, I seem to have failed to print my shop logs or I've stuck them somewhere and with moving twice they've gone poof. I like to keep hard copies in my folders and cannot for the life of me figure out where they have gone -- or maybe I never printed. Do they send out a 1099? Suppose I should just email both....I didn't hit that $600 threshold with either to trigger getting one but some companies send them regardless.


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You don't get a 1099 if you did not hot that number.

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I've emailed and left voicemail message. Perhaps I'll have better luck in a few days. Just want to get a hard copy to stick in my files.... then the ones I printed will pop up after all the hassle.

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