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I have not shopped for Informa yet, but I am tempted to do one of their shops which pays really well. It involves internet research to see if you get preapproved for loans from various lending companies. It says that your credit will not be pulled. Does anyone have experience with this shop? Is it harder than it seems? Any advice is appreciated.

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I just did one over the weekend. They are pretty simple, you add items to your cart based on how much the scenario calls for and then you go to check out and apply for credit. Don't accept the loan or else you are on the hook for it. The only problem I had was one of the walkthroughs was very wrong; so wrong that I emailed my scheduler to let him know so that no one else get tripped up.
@a171989 wrote:

I just did one over the weekend. They are pretty simple, you add items to your cart based on how much the scenario calls for and then you go to check out and apply for credit. Don't accept the loan or else you are on the hook for it. The only problem I had was one of the walkthroughs was very wrong; so wrong that I emailed my scheduler to let him know so that no one else get tripped up.
What was wrong with it?
The slide show showed a couple of steps that didn't exist so next thing I know, I'm being sent to a confirmation page that said "Thank you for your order". I'm in the process of talking with the company about cancelling everything and the credit account. Definitely pay attention to those things.
That's significant! Did it pull your credit?

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Yes, but only once. Here is the update about the site that I accidently ordered from. I've been trying to cancel since the second I placed the order. I have been talking back and forth with the owner and things went south really fast. He said I'm a fraud and that I stole someone's identity. He said he spoke to someone who said they were not me. I had a phone number from an app, and autofill put it in instead of my actual number. I had forgot all about the number. I tried to call the company but no one answers but yet the CEO keeps going back and forth in emails saying that he sent my information to the FBI and the police. I'm pretty sure they have bigger fish to fry. At the end of the day, he did cancel my order after lying for the past two days that he couldn't because it had already shipped. Horrible business.
That sounds awful! Not sure if I'm willing to risk all that stress! How long did it take you to do it all?
The owner and I went at it all day today. I'm not sure what the police or FBI would do with my information, I haven't done anything. The owner thinks people are scamming but really what he described to me sounded like regular mystery shopping. He doesn't know but I know that's what's going on. This shop was $250 so I'm not too mad plus Im no longer on the hook for $1k worth of items. Also, the scheduler has yet to get back to me. I hope I saw my email because the next shopper will be in the same boat.
Perhaps that owner wanted to scare you into thinking he called the police/FBI to make you buy that stuff.
I check the account that I made on their website and even that says they contacted the police. I feel like I'm waiting for them to come bust down my door and ask for my birth certificate lol.
I did two of these shops and had the same issue, ordering as told, next second you're approve your order is submitted. I was like WTF (and it was the FIRST lender I'd done of any of theses!!!) My husband was like you're gonna be buying all this stuff and stuck. Anyways, I called the company first to cancel my order which they did with no issue. I told them I still wanted to order, but I was trying to see credit terms before deciding how I would pay. They cancelled it no problem. Then I called the credit company told them I did NOT want that account that I had no chance to review terms and accept them that I was just given this credit line that I did not want. They said they cancelled my credit account, this was 1/29 and then a few days ago I got a notice that my account statement was ready. I've yet to call again to make sure they cancel this. The other 4 in that set were fine and let me review terms before giving me the account and I backed out. I also just did a $300 one that had I think 7, but like 18 scenarios and had no issues at all with that one. Only thing is by 2 or 3 I wasn't approved, so I'm hoping they still pay me. The shop didn't say I wouldn't be paid if I was declined and my score was in the range they wanted. Has anyone gotten paid for these yet? I'm wondering how long it will take. I think it said 60 days.
hmm I wonder if the owner knows about the mystery shopping or who is initiating it. Surely if it was the owner he'd know if he was being shopped?
Just wanted to update, kind of funny timing, but my husband just messaged me and I had a $150 check in the mail from Informa today!!! I just completed the shop 1/29!!! I'm so excited I thought it would take 60 days!
Now you see why so many shoppers treasure their Informa business!

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I think the owner has an idea of that something is going on but he thinks it identity shopping. But in the end, the transaction was cancelled and i'm wait for my credit account to be cancelled; I called them yesterday to make it clear that it needed to be cancelled. Plus, I'm still waiting patiently for the feds to come knocking at my door. My shop was $150 with a $100 bonus so that is $250. Because of that It was worth it smiling smiley
@a171989 You weren't supposed to place an order for those shops with Informa. Per the guidelines, you were supposed to show a screenshot of the financing terms that you were approved for. You absolutely do not go forward in purchasing the items during the loan pre-approval process.

FYI, I received my three-figure check for work that I did two weeks ago for this particular project.
Re-read what I posted. I know I wasn't suppose to place an order. That isn't what I was even trying to explain. Informa's guide was wrong. Their guide stated that there would be 2 more pages after the page I was one of which was a page where my phone was suppose to get a text to verify my identity. This site did not have anything of the sort, I was taken right to a confirmation page.
Yeah guy, there was never anything on Informa's guidelines that said that you would receive a text to verify your identity. Its obvious that you went further than you had to.

Maybe you should reread Informa's guidelines a little more carefully.
Informa has guides that walks you through each and every site. You cannot sit behind your computer and tell me what I did or didn't do when that is how I actually go through each site. Go troll somewhere else, you are not being helpful.
WE ALL KNOW WE ARE NOT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING. That is the whole point of the mess up. It was made obvious from another poster above that it does happen. Not only that, It has happened so many times in the past month that a CEO of a company thinks its fraud. Unless you are a fly on my wall don't tell me about my shop. I talked to my schedular about it and he saw it as well. And yes, each site came with a guide that had pictures showing what to do step by step. And yes a couple of them needed my phone number so it could send a code to it.
I'm not being helpful because I provided you with facts, rather than opinion? No, you need to to RE-READ THE GUIDELINES & do the shop correctly like others on this thread have done already.

And for you to call me a troll, that's really funny. Oh, I just made another $300 with Informa today. How much do you make, genius???
I only speak one language so I'm not sure how you are still not following whats been said in this thread. I'll just chuck that up to you being less than smart Eric. Enjoying your night.
I'll answer my own question, @171989. You made $0.00 with this Informa project. Z-E-R-O. That is the number before 1. Do you know why? Its not that you are stupid. Its not that you are smug & incompetent. Its just that you can't accept the fact that you did something wrong.

RE-READ the guidelines, buddy.
You keep bringing up something that was never in question. I know I messed up, never said I didn't. I'm not sure how to make you comprehend my posts. What is your point? I messed up, I got that. It has since been fixed and my shop was accepted. What do you keep trying to prove?
I also had the same thing done, followed instructions had to put item in cart to click on the credit to get terms/rates. However instead of going to terms/rates it told me my purchase was complete. It totally skipped giving me rates etc. There was a glitch somewhere. Did I get paid? YEP sure did. Did I have to call to fix the issue with the credit company and site I purchased from YEP. Did I do anything wrong NO. I followed instructions exactly but there was a glitch that sent the purchase directly through when I was approved rather than offering me rates and terms!!! Sooooo... yeah.. I just did a $300 too.
I think Eric just wants to argue with someone, based on this post and others he's commented on.

I knew I wasn't the only one this has happen to but the only people who can fix it is the credit company and that is only if Informa informs them. I told Julius about it so they do know, plus the credit company closed my account without hitting my credit.
No, I just think that you want to instigate and argue a moot point. You are just either too proud, or something else to admit your own faulty miscalculation of the guidelines stated by Informa that's been followed by an inordinate amount of people.
No one is instigating anything. Everyone who has posted here have been positive and helpful. You, on the other hand, have been an annoyance and changed the dynamics of this post. You came here to argue about something that has nothing to do with you. My experiences are MY own, not yours. Not all shops are the same, if you think that they are then I was right- you are less than smart. As far as the internet, it's filled with glitches and sometimes things are wrong, which I figured out when the owner of the company said there has been an influx of us who have accidently ordered and want the order cancelled. At the end of the day, I still got paid and as far as what I made today, don't worry about it unless you are going to help me pay my bills.
I had one go through as a purchase as well, and just explained what happened, was able to cancel the purchase, was promptly paid. And my scheduler gets 'props' for being very patient with helping me through the whole process. I am sorry anyone had a hard time with the shop. I sure did appreciate the help I got and the nice check. I did end up buying later from one of the merchants, but it was a good price for something I needed anyway, (the office chair that is now supporting my behind! lol!)
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