Jancyn restaurant shops?

So, for the most part I only do dining shops as mystery shopping is more for a side thing for me. I have worked with a few different companies. ACL, the pay and selection isn't great but reports are pretty easy. Coyle is probably the hardest but worth it for the clients. On one of my mystery shop apps I noticed a Jancyn restaurant shop in my area which I have never done before. The instructions seem extremely detailed, and it says the report needs to be submitted within six hours which basically means it needs to be done that night. The shop isn't appealing to me as Coyle ones. Is Jancyn extremely long and detailed like Coyle or do they just have extremely detailed instructions for some reason?

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The Jancyn shops that I have done have yet another twist....IF the target employee is not present, or his/her station gets changed after you are seated....you will NOT be reimbursed. I was actually seated with the target employee who took my order, and then he was sent home early...I did not get my meal reimbursed, which had to be for two people and had to include wine, which I ordered, and ended up costing me $100. The food was NOT that good.....beware of these types of shops.
Wow that is really unfair. I haven't done any Jancyn restaurant shops. I've only done their regular retail shops but I really enjoy those. I think I'll avoid doing a restaurant shop with them unless they have one that I wouldn't mind paying for myself if I had to.

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I have never seen restaurant shops here, only the retail shop and apartments. My retail receipt problem has been resolved. Job was accepted and going through.....yahoo.

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