Tricks to Seeing Open Checks for International Service Check?

I see them posting shops on Jobslinger that are local to me. I have filled out my profile and taken the one Certification I can see available. Can't figure out what is missing???

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I always thought the only way to get assignments with them was via email. I have never seen open checks on their website. Try emailing Donna:,
The specifically do not have a job board. You need to respond to their email advertisements.

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I may not be remembering correctly, but way back when I first started shopping for them (around 4 years ago), didn't they used to send out e-mails once in awhile saying that there were jobs for which you were eligible on their site and you could log in and see a list of available jobs? To be sure, it was short, but I remember logging in to their site far more often than just to check on jobs I'd already done. Maybe I'm thinking of another company, but I could swear it was ISC. That being said, the only way you could get a shop was to respond to their e-mails.

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Ha!, this was me exactly last week. I sent a message on their site stating this and the scheduler responded by email to me listing the local shops. Their scheduler is very nice.
They have exactly two different shops in my area and you cannot do them month to month I do not think even every three or four months. Seems like long-term employees at both places.

The comments below are correct, we do not have a job board. We offer all of our available service checks via email or phone/text. You are also always welcome to reach out to your field coordinator to ask for a list of current available checks in your area. We have a lot of new service checks becoming available in the next few months, so we look forward to working with you soon!

Donna Yarbrough
Hi Want 985
You said the scheduler was so nice you worked with. Do you mind telling me how you got in touch with her or him and what the name is.
Thanks smiling smiley

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Hello Everyone,

I posted back in February that we did not have a job board, but that has now changed! We now have a job board, so please feel free to add us to your list of websites to check for available shops.

We will be posting thousands of available shops in the next few weeks, so be sure to check us often!

Happy shopping!

Donna Yarbrough
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