Int’l Service Check, skipping questions?

I completed my first shop for this company and it went smoothly. When I went to fill out the report though, several questions on the left hand list were skipped over every time I hit “save and continue.” I emailed the scheduler, but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this? Does their reporting software just show all ‘possible’ questions but not actually ask them all?

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I haven't done a shop for ISC in a long time, and can't envision the problem you're having. But I do remember having a lot of technical problems with saving and submitting answers almost every time I did one for them. One time I had to e-mail them because I wasn't able to submit my report until shortly after deadline because of all the glitches. I think I was told that certain browsers weren't ideal with their system. I use Firefox, fwiw.

I'd e-mail them, to alert them that you think you might be experiencing technical problems, in case the problem is something technical and you are supposed to be able to answer those questions. I can't recall seeing questions on the survey that didn't need to be answered, but, like I said it was a long time ago.

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When they are skipped over, they are usually the ones that don't apply. For instance, once company that they work with has physical location shops and customer service shops. Once of the questions asks if you went to a physical location or not and whether you interacted with an associate. If you say you didn't go to a physical location (i.e. customer service call), the location questions are all skipped. Unless you really believe those skipped questions must be answered, I wouldn't worry about them. They will contact you with any issue and easy to discuss shop issues with.
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