Remington Evaluations - Getting Paid

Does anyone know if there is a special trick to getting paid by Remington Evaluations?

I completed a job for them on 12/8/17.
My report was accepted and given the green light to invoice on 12/14/17. I sent the invoice on that date.
I received no response and no payment.
After several weeks, I resent the invoice with an explanation that I had not received payment or a response. That was 2/13/18.
I have still received no response.

Is there someone I can call? The fee for this job was pretty substantial for me and the radio silence from them makes me nervous.


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They pay you when their client pays them, so it can take a while.

Also, try EPMS. They also do apartments. They don't pick your report apart for fun. They pay every month like clockwork.

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I just wanted to put this here in case anyone searches for Remington.
I received the check in the mail yesterday, 2/24/18. So, while the website gave a six-week timeline, it actually took just over 10 weeks from the time of submission to receive a check. In this time, I got no response that my invoice was received and no response to my resubmission/check-in email.

That said, I would be willing to shop them again, now that I know that the timeline they give on their website is their best case scenario and not the worst. I'll also do so knowing that the money will get here when it gets here and I will not be receiving any communication from them about it.
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