So here's the thing. This is the first shop I've ever done for Intouch Insight (as Intouch Insight. I did used to do shops for Service Intelligence, but they eventually quit doing all the shops I used to do for them.)

This was also the first shop I've ever done (afair) for iSS.

So how does payment work? iSS says payment is through Intouch Insight. The notes on this forum says Intouch Insight pays through electronic deposit ... but I have no clue if Intouch Insight has my account information. Just wondering if someone who does this regularly can mention just how this works.

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According to their ICA, they pay every second Friday through PayPal.

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I've never had an issue with the companies in iSS. I feel like most pay in six weeks? Paypal.
I did a shop for Intouch Insight through iSS. It was my first shop with the MSC but not for iSS. Make sure you sign the ICA in iSS for the MSCs you are working for. I did not have an issue with payment.

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Wow ... a fairly simple shop, not too bad a reporting system, and paid within two weeks! I could learn to like this company!
Has anyone worked with them? I received a check with some instruction but until it clears in my bank thats when I get more details? I am new to this.
ISS = I Secret Shop, it's a platform where you can sign up for a bunch of MSC's all at once and look for shops with them in one place. In Touch insight is the one I've done the most shops with through ISS they are a good company and pay promptly.

ICA = Independent Contractor Agreement. This is what you sign when you start working with a MSC. It spells out all the legalities about your responsibilities and theirs. It usually includes an agreement on your part not to disclose who their clients are.

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MSC: Mystery Shopping Company

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
This is a very common scam. The check is bad. However, your bank will release the funds to you as required by law before they are able to determine that it is bad. If you deposit the the check, you will be charged a bad check fee. If you withdraw the money and send it to the scammer, you will be out whatever money you send. Moreover, when the check bounces, if it overdraws your account, you will be assessed more fees.

If you have already deposited the check, call the bank NOW and stop them from processing it if possible.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I do shops through ISS for Goodwin and they pay you, so be sure to sign with company ISS is scheduling for ad give actual compay your paypal email. They will send email when your paid.

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