More "Let Them Eat Cake" attitude from Sentry.

Not only does is this company just too dang special to allow self assign (though many other MSCs do) they also have an answer for how long you should expect to wait to get an answer on whether you application shall be accepted or not. The answer right from the lips of a Sentry employee: "THERE IS NO LIMIT ON HOW LONG THE WAIT CAN BE." That is right-- "there is no limit". They will just leave you hanging, unable to plan or bundle your shops because they just can not be bothered to give you an answer in a day or so.

I think a "yea" or "nay" within 36 hours is reasonable. But by golly, NO LIMIT to how long your application can languish is a poor attitude toward shoppers. I think they hang on to get the best demographic they can- a guess anyway.

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Just like every other MSC. My applications sit on Coyle just the same, as well as every Sassie site I belong too. Your expectations are not realistic.

This has been discussed here about most MSCs.

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As far as I'm concerned, they can sit on my application as long as they like. However, if I find another shop for the same time period, I am free to cancel the application and move on. I do not keep time slots open for more than a day for shops that have not been assigned to me - unless, of course, I *really* want the shop. Of course, in that case, I'll email the scheduler.

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On my calendar, I will put ??? shop fee MSC ??? so that I know I may have something. If other shops come up for the same day or time that I self assign, they get priority.

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Lots of MSC do this, it's just not limited to Sentry so to just call them out like it's never happened before isn't professional and doesn't help you get shops. Although if you really wanted the shop, sending an email or calling could have solved this. And if the shop was assigned to someone else they would say so had you called or emailed.
@HonnyBrown wrote:

On my calendar, I will put ??? shop fee MSC ??? so that I know I may have something. If other shops come up for the same day or time that I self assign, they get priority.

I do the same thing.
At a minimum, applications are reviewed three times per day Monday - Friday and on Saturday morning. It is reasonable for shoppers to conclude that they have not been assigned a visit that they applied for if they don't receive notification after one business day.

I am not sure who told the OP that there is no limit on the wait time. This is not correct and it has been reviewed with our team. We are not able to reply to every person who applies for an assignment. I don't believe that we are the only company in the industry that does not reply to each and every application.

It's unfortunate that the OP has a negative view of our company because our team does respect our shoppers and we strive to be a good company to work with.
I've only completed six or eight shops for Sentry. It took me a very long time to try a shop with them because of all of the negative comments in this forum.

I did many of the same shops for the company that had the big box retailer client two contracts ago. I have to say those shops are so much easier with Sentry, including the report.

Other than it taking so long to pay, I really don't see the issues with Sentry that so many shoppers claim. They seem to be a stand up kind of company.
Got a strange response to my question to the help line trying to get a shop I applied for a few days earlier to go do the shop in a few hours. Just said to myself "fine then I don't want to go anyway"!

Many factors impact scheduling of shops, including but not limited to client restrictions on demographics and repeat shoppers; shop timing requirements; shopper certification; number of applicants; availability of applicants; shopper experience with our company and/or overall mystery shopping experience; and geography. Therefore, we are unable to research and respond to individual inquiries regarding why you may not have gotten a specific assignment for which you applied.

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a17....----Sending an email or calling Sentry doesn't work when you 'really' want a shop (for whatever reason) that you have applied for. You find out when they are good and ready to assign you. The previous advice given (to hold a time slot in one's schedule no more than 24 hours after applying) seems appropriate. Although Sentry says in this thread that they are scheduling regularly (I think the term used was within one business day), I have found Sentry to wait weeks before scheduling. Usually I am booked up by then. I can understand why they can't respond to all applications, but some MSC's do this!

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The other MSCs that use Shopmetrics tend to cancel apps if you aren't assigned. It appears from Dave's post that Sentry doesn't do that? Or perhaps I misread? Curious why they leave apps there if true.

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Ehh! It does not matter they only had a burger shop that I had done one at all the locations in town and then did not do them anymore that was a few years ago.
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