MarketForce photo help needed

I have worked for MarketForce for years. This will be my first shop with photos required. Is attaching photos to the report difficult? Has your photo been rejected due to not meeting the minimum size requirement of 200kb? I would appreciate any tips and/or warnings from shoppers who have taken photos using a small digital camera. Thank you.

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I use a digital camera and have no problems. I do not resize the pics. It has been awhile since I attached any pics too MF, just remember to attach them.
Be sure to take lots of extra photos and upload them all, but only link the best one (or the number required). That way if there is a problem with one of the linked photos, they can choose from the others.
I use my tablet to take pictures and have never had to resize. The photos are easy to attach.
I have done a lot of shops for them that require photos. I have never had a problem with any photos I have input. I do take extras just in case.
I use a Moto G5s Plus for the last 4 months. I shoot at 4160 x 3120 (4:3, 12.98MP) and crop and resize to 800 x 600 I then attach the photo to their report and have no problem. Check the settings on your camera and make sure that you have the photo as close to what the are asking for on the worksheet Example: Entre must show top and side with no sides or beverage in the picture. No hands or anything that is in the surrounding area. I make sure it is on the wrapper so when I crop the photo that is all you see. I hope this helps.
I use my Android phone on high res and they've never had an issue with my pics. Sometimes I crop them and again, no issues.

Where you need to be careful is linking them. For the gas stations, for example, you have to link the gas receipt as link 1, store purchase as link 2, etc and so on. My misunderstanding on my first ones with the linking got a shop rejected. I didn't link them correctly and they rejected it and wouldn't allow me to fix it even though I had all the correct pics.

Just out shopping around...
200kb minimum must be from their old guidelines that they have just not updated because that is a super small pic. My phone camera takes 12mb and the store front photos generally end up at between 4 and 5 mb, food photos between 3 and 4mb and a receipt photo between 1 and 2 mb. So, for example, the store front photo iis 24 to 34 times the minimum size of 200kb. My phone has a digital camera in it so I don't use a separate one. I can't imagine pointing an actual digital camera at a store front when leaving.
Well, they are sort of behind the tech curve you know. I mean how many times do you have to sign a new ICA. Just because they lost the last one. maybe if they had an IT person.

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