Maritz Gas Station Shop - Limits?

Can someone remind me - there was a discussion not too long ago that mentioned the limit of self-assign shops on the Maritz website...anyone know what the number is? I had a large bundle of one type of shops accepted (two receipts, no pics), and when the blue and red shops came out (mystery/revealed, lots of pics), I put together a bundle, but I get the "not available to be awarded right now" message. So I'm thinking...there are too many in the second bundle, and it's putting me over the limit?

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I believe that number is 60. Meaning if you already have 55 shops on your to do list, you can only assign 5 more. Until you do some of the shops, you will not be able to assign a big bundle.
If you asked for an incentive on top of the base pay you will get a message like that. FF could be right but I thought the limit was 75.
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