Premier Service?

Wondering if anyone here has experience (good or not so good) with Premier Service?

Thankx in advance!

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They are a free referral service. If you are not already signed up with a number of companies it may show you some jobs in your area and give you a lead as to what companies are shopping in your area.
Premier Service is actually a Montreal based MSC, not to be confused with Premier Shoppers, the referral service that I believe Flash is referring to.

I saw some emails pass through my inbox last week from them and it looks like they may have picked up a new client in my area, but the pay and type of job made me delete the offer quickly. I forget the details.

I have never worked for them.
Premier Service was the first company I shopped for in 2007. I find them excellent to work for, although they don't have a web presence for entering reports. You need Word to enter the reports, and sometimes they can seem a little lengthy. The pay is getting better and is quite good for some shops. They are very dependable and humane. They are one of my favourites!
They're fine as long as you don't ask for more money for doing impossible jobs. This is the company that "fired" me when I asked for fair pay for a major PITA project.

As for doing MS for them, they mentioned that they "never" (their words, not mine) pay a shopper more than $10/hour.

If you don't mind having to write a 1500 essay for a FF shop, more power to you. This company demands extremely long narratives on every single question. A 10-minute shop turns into a 1-hour+ report, all done in word because they don't actually have a website to enter the reports into. It's all done through email.

Their redeeming factors were that they were the one and only local MS company and they pay fairly quickly. Until I was let go, the schedulers were easy to reach and work with.

I wish them (and the shoppers who shop for them) well but I'll never work with them again.
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