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I conducted a hotel evaluation for SQM in november of 2017. This was an expensive hotel, and the reimbursement is for $200. There was a mix up with my invoice, and the payment has been delayed several times. They FINALLY processed my invoice in February and ‘supposedly’ mailed my check on February 26th. Half way through March I hadn’t received it yet, so I contacted them. They told me I would have it by the end of the month because it was coming from Canada. I STILL have not been paid! I have called and left several messages, and have emailed the scheduler and head of payroll. I have worked with them in the past without issue. What is going on?! $200 is a lot of money and I needed it months ago -_- Have any of you had an issue with them not paying?

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I have never had issues with them and always got paid on time. Schedulers have been responsive and easy to communicate with. I have one payment pending for the shop that I completed in March. I will update when I get the payment.

EDITED to add that yesterday I received payment for March shop, 3 weeks after completing it.

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