How many Mystery Shop Companies are you signed up with?

I have been sick the last two days sad smiley and I have decided to sign up for other mystery shop companies (When I am not resting).

My question is how many are you sign up with? I am going through the list on the Mystery Shop Forum.

Also is the list current? I know some have gone out of business or changed names or combined with other companies.

Also it says that Market Force has 847 disccusions (At the time of this post). Does that mean when some one post anything about MF that number changes and how does it know?

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Shoppers who want lots of options sign up with 100 or more MSCs. Client move around, all the time and MSCs also succeed in marketing to as-yet-un-shopped industry segments and/or clients. Yes, everytime an MSC gets a comment identifying it on the forum, that count increases. That lets you know what MSCs are most discussed. Those are good ones to sign up with first, as they may have a lot of shops for newbies. But they also may not be the MSCs that pay the best or provide better opportunities as you become more skilled.

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I'm signed up with over 150 MSCs at last count of now there is only one that I do monthly shops for.

In any given month I may shop for up to 5 or six MSCs all depending....and certain companies I may do shops for a few weeks/months in a row then nothing for awhile.


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I hope you feel better soon!

I'm signed up with about 100 companies. Since I am not a full time shopper, I consistently do shops for about 6 companies, mainly food and banks.

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About 130 plus all the iSecretShop companies.

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About 130 here. Some MSCs will go years without anything that interests me and then come up with a project that I am ready to jump on!!!

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
wales, that's the benefit of being signed up with a lot of companies. They get new clients all the time, or your tastes change. There is always something waiting for you.

The internet doesn't make you smart. It makes you good at regurgitation.
I'm signed up with more than 20 but less than 50. I wind up getting jobs from a handful of companies in a month work for a company once and then not work for them again for a year or two. Others I do every month but toward the end of the month when they quit lo-balling the payments. Some of the companies that I have signed up for have never had work in my area. This month has been messed up. had one of my Thyroids removed last week this week I am back in the hospital because the hematoma that developed started it leaking out of the suture wound that was made when they removed the stitches. So now this week has been shot and I have to make excuses.
Maybe 50, but I only consistently work with 10. I only do this part-time, though.

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I'm signed up with 118 companies, plus about 6 more with the iSS platform. I regularly do shops for about 8 MSCs per month....I only shop part-time. Like others have said, you just never know when one company will all of a sudden start something that peaks your interest!
I was sign up with about 60 or so. Since I have been at home resting I am have trying to sign up with about five new ones a day.

I am still not 100 % and still can't talk very well.

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Originally about 50, having filtered down to 10 the best of the best....but am slowly looking for a couple more, with jobs in my town...if only they'd stop with emails for many miles or states away, we do put down a radius...

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